Local Resources

Be Present, Discover Joy 

  • Location: Workshops at your location.
  • When: Anytime
  • What is it? Teambuilding staff-development workshops and retreats that leverage the proven techniques of applied improv and Liberating Structures.
  • Who should be involved? Anyone
  • More information: Be Present, Discover Joy website
  • Contact: David Westerlund, david@bepresentdiscoverjoy.com 

Better Together Breakfasts (B2B)   

  • Location: Over Easy Restaurant, 2430 James St., Bellingham WA
  • When: inquire for upcoming dates
  • What is it? B2B is a special collaborative time for business leaders and ministry leaders to fellowship, network, and dream together about fresh new synergies that might exist between the business sphere and the ministry sphere.
  • Who should be involved? Any business leaders.
  • Contact: Jamie Bohnett, jamiebohnett@gmail.com


  • Location: At a location convenient to the leader.
  • When: At a mutually agreeable time. Typically a monthly meet-up.
  • What is it? Raising up the next generation of Jesus-Centered leaders to bring restoration to every sector of society. Jeff offers one-on-one mentorship to Christian leaders who grow deeper with Christ and in turn mentor others. 
  • Who should be involved? Business, Civic, Church, and Ministry leaders.
  • More information: Centered website
  • Contact: Jeff Vancil, jeff@centered.org

Corporate Chaplaincy

  • Location: At your place of work.
  • When: TBD, but chaplains have a regular visit schedule.
  • What is it? Your workers have many personal needs both during work hours and after. A dedicated chaplain acts as an impartial, confidential listening ear for you and your staff to think through life’s issues, predicaments and seasons. Chaplains usually split their time among many workplaces but are always available 24/7 by phone.  
  • Who should be involved? All business owners and managers.
  • Contact: Sal Biondolillo, sal.biondolillo@lyndendoor.com, 360-354-5676


Discipleship Essentials

  • Location: To be determined.
  • When: Varies, but regular meetings – usually weekly for approximately 30 weeks.
  • What is it? Discipleship Essentials is a small group fellowship and study group that transforms and multiplies disciples of Christ by walking through the Word in conjunction with Greg Ogden’s acclaimed study book “Discipleship Essentials”. Groups are usually 4 people (called a quad) where members take turns leading each session.  
  • Who should be involved? Any believer seeking to be a more mature disciple of Christ and create other disciples.
  • More information: Global Descipleship Initiative website
  • Contact: Craig Churman, craig.churman@yahoo.com


Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization (ELO)

  • Location: Vancouver, B.C.
  • When: Every November annually
  • What is it? ELO provides a forum for Christian business leaders to connect, learn together, and grow in their faith in the context of their work. ELO’s primary expression is an annual conference, coming up soon on November 14, 2019, with high-quality speakers from around the globe. They also offer an international training program, some publications, and some business leader counseling.
  • Who should be involved? All business leaders from Northwest WA who are interested.
  • More information: Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization website
  • Contact: Terry Smith, Terry.Smith@smithgardens.com


Generous Giving, Journey of Generosity

  • Location: Venues throughout Northwest WA.
  • When: Varies.
  • What is it: A Journey of Generosity (JOG) is a casual and fun 1-day retreat with peers around how we can experience great joy, freedom, and purpose by living intentionally generous lives. JOGs and other Generous Giving events are always no-solicitation.
  • Who should be involved? All Christians who seek greater clarity about stewardship of resources and money.
  • More information: Generous Giving website
  • Contact: Joe Eelkema, jeelkema@ncfgiving.com 


Gillette Solutions, SAGE Mindset Coaching

  • Location: On-site or via Zoom
  • When: Scheduled 60-minute meetings
  • What is it: One-on-one coaching and behavioral analysis to help you get unstuck, find new direction and thrive in life and business. We work together to create more self-awareness, increase accountability, and help you grow in incredible ways so you can empower others to do the same.
  • Who should be involved? Business owners, solopreneurs, and millennial leaders.
  • More information: Gillette Solutions website, SAGE Mindset website
  • Contact: Kyle Gillette | Owner - kyle@gillettesolutions.com


Global Leadership Summit

  • Location: Multiple locations, to be announced. Annually held at Cornwall Church, Bellingham. 
  • When: Annually. To be announced.
  • What is it? GLS is a Nation-wide, simulcast, 2-day event with viewing locations in northwest WA. The purpose is to educate and encourage all leaders in how to better develop their leadership and influence. While the perspective is overtly Christian, all are welcome and everyone will find principles that are helpful.
  • Who should be involved? Everyone who wishes to grow as a leader.
  • More information: Global Leadership website
  • Contact: Cornwall Church, info@cornwallchurch.com 


Light of the World Prayer Center (LOWPC)

  • Location: 714 E. Sunset Rd., Bellingham, WA
  • When: Prayer is ongoing - 24/7.
  • What is it? LOWPC is committed to exalting Jesus through networking churches and marketplace believers in prayer through our Day2Pray prayer Strategic (testimony video). You can connect with LOWPC in two ways:
  1. Through the Business Strategic team - Meet monthly at BelleWood Farms (6140 Guide Meridian #3, Lynden, WA 98264), on the first Thursday of each month, 12 - 1:30pm for Prayer and Networking.
  2. Prayer Times - Join us for one of our many prayer sets where we exalt Jesus and pray together for our region. See schedule here.
  • Who should be involved?  All Whatcom County Christians.
  • More information: Light of the World Prayer website
  • Contact: Jeremy Schweder, info@lowpc.org

Serving His Servants Foundation

  • Location:  Over Easy Restaurant, 2430 James St., Bellingham, WA
  • When:  Anytime.
  • What is it? Jamie offers discounted meals and after-hours service to Christian business leaders who convene groups of people to rally around specific ministries that are dear to their heart.
  • Who should be involved? All leaders who wish to see named ministries prosper.
  • Contact: Jamie Bohnett, jamiebohnett@gmail.com

The Master’s Program

Learn to find life balance, margin and focus that leads to effectively living your Kingdom calling.  Take a 2-1/2 to 3 year journey with a Life and Leadership Coach. Join other like-minded Christian leaders who will walk the journey with you. Live your life with passion and purpose.

  • Location:  Varies, but typically Whatcom or Skagit County.  
  • When: New groups start periodically. 
  • What is it?  An overnight or a day long retreat held quarterly that combines a guided approach of a blend of teaching and facilitated discussions that will challenge your thinking and provide practical next steps.
  • Who should be involved?  Marketplace leaders who clearly feel God’s nudge for something more and who want to walk with others who are like-minded. Groups for men and for couples.
  • More information: The Master's Program website
  • Contact:  Chris Chesley,  cchesley@ahigherlevel.com 

The National Christian Foundation Northwest (NCF NW)

  • Location: Northwest WA
  • When: Personal meetings. Small group events in Northwest WA.
  • What is it?  NCF NW serves individuals, families, professional advisors, ministries, and churches by: simplifying the mechanics of giving (donor advised funds), offers tax-smart giving strategies and tips, and they lead community-building events for Christians around the topic of generosity.
  • Who should be involved? All Christians who seek greater clarity about stewardship of resources and money.
  • More information: NCF NW website
  • Contact: Joe Eelkema, jeelkema@ncfgiving.com 

The Prospering Framework

  • Location: Wherever a workshop is requested in Northwest WA.
  • When: At a mutually agreeable time.
  • What is it? A framework to transform business by learning how to partner wIth God for mind blowing results.
  • Who should be involved? Business owners, leaders, and employees.
  • Contact: Bruce Barlean, bruce@barleans.com